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Astin Enterprise Mobility Management presents with the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing the increasing array of mobile solution related services to enable broad use of mobile computing in enterprise business context. For Astin, this is an emerging discipline within the enterprise that has become increasingly important over the past few years as more workers have bought smartphone and tablet computing devices and have sought support for using these devices in the automation and enlargement of enterprise business.

Astin Mobility Management segment focus to understand the challenges of determining the right enterprise mobility strategy for an organization and successfully relate the available mobile IT to the overall purpose of the work conducted, to determine how closely the business process should be aligned to the mobile IT, and how to support mobile workers when they are using these devices in the workplace.

Enterprise Software Services:

Astin java development team develop complex enterprise-scale software solutions and e-business applications based on the J2EE platform and multi-tier software solutions that support a service-oriented architecture. The availability of consulting/programming skills in different development platforms extends different platforms to function in single entity application providing the flexibility to select the right technologies for diverse software components.

Astin Mobility Management segment’s 'cradle-to-grave' approach of managing the full mobility lifecycle has become a hallmark of top performing organizations:

Treating mobile web apps as a solution to the problem

Astin Enterprise mobility management and development team provides enterprise solution in form of the Mobile Apps, in which both the data and the applications reside on the web server that is hosted in highly secured data center. Nothing resides in the end user devices. Since users prefer to use their own personal devices to access corporate information, there is no need for employer to provide such devices. Furthermore, the same apps and data are also available to traditional desktop and laptop users. Users access and update corporate information with the use of a web browser on the mobile device and a log-in account.


Astin Enterprise mobility management segment proposes security policies that can be centrally managed and enforced into the systems to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and/or corporate data on mobile devices. Because mobile devices are easily lost or stolen, data on those devices is highly vulnerable, Astin emphasizes on that when corporate data is accessible via a personal mobile device, organizations should not face any deal of loose control over the data. Astin have practice in password protection, encryption and/or remote wipe technology, which allows an administrator to delete all data from a misplaced device.

Application Management

Astin Enterprise mobility management segment have enormous experience which presents the enterprises with the capability of that kind of access combines with operating system heterogeneity to make routine tasks such as deployments, configuration settings, application installations and help desk tasks very easy. Astin Enterprise mobility management systems generally provide middleware to automate management tasks and insulate administrators from the complexity of performing tasks on many different types of devices. Astin also provides infrastructure to securely administer devices over the air, Self-management portals, which allow users to download updates and applications on their own, are another common feature.

Astin Mobility Management teams have wide experience in vast category of domains while providing enterprise solution in below mobile development technologies:

Platform Programming language Cross-platform deployment
Android Java but portions of code can be inC, C++ Android only, because of Dalvik VM, March 2009
App Inventor for Android Visual blocks-based programming language, with Interface designer Android devices
Appear IQ Mobile Web Apps (HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript), Native Apps (Android,Objective-C,C#.NET/VB.NETfor Windows Phone) Android, iOS, Windows/Windows Phone HTML,JavaScript, CSS,jQueryMobile,PhoneGap Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mobile web
Basic4android Visual Basicsimilar syntax Android
BlackBerry Java BlackBerry only, because of RIM API
Firefox OS HTML5, CSS,JavaScript Web browser on other platform
IBM Worklight HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, and Native SDK Languages w/ Native Worklight API iOS, BlackBerry6,7, & 10,Android, Windows Phone 7.5 & 8,Windows 8Desktop and Tablets,[Adobe AIR], Mobile Web App, Desktop Browser Web Page
iOS SDK Objective-C iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Java ME Java Yes although many VM implementations have device specific bugs necessitating separate builds
Marmalade C, C++ All native: Android, BlackBerry, BREW, iOS (iPhone), Maemo, Palm/webOS, Samsung bada, Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.x and desktop, OSX
Meme IDE MemeScript Android, Windows Mobile
Mono for Android C# Android
MonoTouch C# iOS
MoSync C, C++, Lua, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Android, Java ME, Moblin, iOS (iPhone), Smartphone 2003, Symbian, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC), Blackberry (experimental)
Mulberry HTML5, CSS,JavaScript Android, iOS,Mobile Web
.NET Compact Framework C#, VB.NET,Basic4ppc Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian-based devices via third party tools
OpenPlug ActionScript, XML Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Symbian, Windows Mobile
PhoneGap & Apache Cordova HTML, CSS,JavaScript iPhone, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, Bada
webOS JavaScript, CSS,HTML, C andC++ through the PDK webOS, Palm only
Windows Mobile C, C++ Windows Mobile, Windows FU, Windows CE
Windows Phone C#, Visual Basic,C, C++ Windows Phone

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