ASTIN Technology is an india based IT Services Management Company providing Professional, Social and Commercial Solution Software
for Small to Large business organizations


Actively engage customer feeds as our Customers are our models..

With Astin Technology, you find the best engagement model for your solution. Astin set up various types of engagement modes, including project own based or resource-based or a particular dedicated development center for customer which is backed by R & D center..

For different phases of you project, we understand the diverse need of the global market and we understand what value and convenience which you may need and so we provide you option to choose or even combine more than one of our engagement models as well. Astin have the capability and creativity of extend that we adapt and streamline very quickly and which is why we are able to offer such convenient and effective value with your Software Development cost..

Our Distinct Engagement Models

Type Costing Best When Comments
Project Own Fixed: bifurcated on milestones » What is required is very clear. 
» Only deliverable has to managed by client. 
» Team's competencies are known and identified.
» Best in cost savings as responsibility is Astin’s to deliver on-time & in-budget and convenient to customer being it as Agile development process.. 
Time and Money: Resource Augmentation Man-Days or Man-Month rates based on type and skill of the resource engaged/deployed » What is required is not certain but requirement are varying. 
» Want to outsource your team need with more resources from Astin. 
» Clear billing based on attendance of the resource. 
» Easiest way to start off with Astin.
Partnership Model Share of profits earned with clear responsibilities and billing may be based effort estimated (hourly) » Investment risk and profit is to be shared. 
» Astin could be your best partner in need if you have clear vision with our technology competency and skills to form a win-win partnership.
Development Center Flexible based on type of needs and resources » Wish to setup up low-cost offshore development center without the responsibility of managing it. » » Astin can set up centers or share infrastructure based on customer requirements and corporate practices.

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